Welcome to my little place on the interwebs.

About myself? Geez, does anyone really care in this age of instant info, blogs, tweets, and the like?

My goal with this blog is to share thoughts, ideas, opinions and more about beer and the beer lifestyle (such as it exists).

I am a full blown beer geek. Born and raised in the San Diego area, home to an abundance of world class micro/craft breweries, including Stone, Ballast Point, Lost Abbey, Green Flash, Alesmith, and dozens more! I am also a 15 year homebrewer. In the coming weeks/ months/ years, whatever, I will be posting my impressions of the local and national craft beer scene as well as posts that delve into pop culture, music and even politics.

I hope I can contribute something you’ll enjoy.


Andy The Beerman


One thought on “About

  1. hey, there, you transplant canadian, you!

    thanks for the tip to your blog. good writing skill, bud. can send you some other recipes if you’re interested. let me know by e.

    enjoy your brewing!


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