BC Brewers Rule!

I am going to be doing some serious beer traveling during July. Stone Brewing Sour Fest 2010, Churchills Sour Party, Oregon Brewers Festival…whew!

While I am in lovely California, I have been invited to shoot some footage with my good friends New Brew Thursday. I hope to enlighten the folks in the US to some of the great beer being brewed here in British Columbia.

I recently sent an email to many of the local breweries requesting beer samples to help lessen the financial impact. The brewers have responded in a big way!

At current count, I have been sent 40 large format (650ml, 750ml and 1 liter) bottles, two cases (24) of 335ml bottles and 2 20 liter kegs!


Canadians have a reputation for being incredibly nice and friendly. Can’t argue with that!

Now if I can just get someone to donate the shipping…

You guys rock!


Andy The Beerman


5 thoughts on “BC Brewers Rule!

  1. That’s Amazing Andy!

    And I bet their looking for something more than simply an easy way of promoting themselves. This is why it’s called craft beer. It’s crafted with more than just physical ingredients, It’s about the people behind it all and the passion behind it all.

    Try getting a response like this from a big corp.

    So what did you end up getting? 🙂


    • An amazing selection of BC Craft beer; Howe Sound, Russell, Central City, Vancouver Island, Phillips, Driftwood, and Granville Island.

      • Andy, that list has my looking at the clock wondering “is it too early for a beer run?” 😉

        That sounds incredible! I love the generosity and attention you received from the breweries. I just might have to use your post to bring attention to this for my blog.

        Enjoy them all! (just not all at once!) and report back to us! I would love to hear your thoughts on all of them.


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