Bureaucrats must be stopped!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had just about enough of faceless government functionaries having WAAAAAY too much influence over our lives.

News is filtering down that the European Union aka EU is trying to influence the way North Americans drink.

The EU has sent a cease and desist notice to the Brewers Associations of the US and Canada over using established ‘regional’ names in their beers and ales.
That’s right kiddies, Europe wants North America to stop using regional terms like ‘Belgian’, ‘Scotch’ ‘English’ etc., in beer names and descriptions. No more Belgian Tripel or Dubbel. No English Milds, Pales, Browns or IPA’s. No Irish Stouts or Reds. No more French Farmhouse style ale. Even the term ‘pilsner’ could be subject to this request, as Pilsen is a Czech town! Dortmunder, anyone? Berliner Weiss…I don’t think so, that’s a protected term!
I am willing to wager that AB-InBev is behind this. Think about it; It’s the only way they can even think of slowing down the unbridled growth of the craft beer movement; through ceaseless litigation and regulation of innovative North American craft brewers!
Let your local brewers (and Brewers Association) know that you won’t stand idly by and let the EU tell you what you can and cannot drink!
Andy the Beerman