Quick Post

Just a quick post before I head out for the Canada Cup of Beer.

Been doing a bit of beer travelling this week and wanted to put up a couple of quick reviews:

Mission Springs Brewery:

Took the kids on a road trip out to Mission and lunch @ the brewery. Started with the Olde Sailors IPA. Deep copper color, nice dense head, reducing to wonderful lacing. Nice hop aroma. A teeny bit hoppier than a traditional English IPA (which is always OK by me!) Full bodied, great mouthfeel, pleasant hop character from the Goldings.

Followed that up with the Fat Guy Oatmeal Stout. Served on Nitro, almost black color with hints of ruby. Incredibly smooth and creamy, super dense caramel colored head. Nice roasted malt character, silky smooth with the addtion of oats to the mash.

Terrific food, great service, nice atmosphere. I will definitely be visiting again soon.

We followed that up with a trip across the border to Boundary Bay Brewing in Bellingham, WA. My second trip to Boundary Bay, as the beer and food were so impressive the first time around. Started with the limited release Double IPA. HUGE hop presence, poured a deep amber/copper color, off white head with nice lacing. Did I mention the HUGE hop notes? Big piney aroma from Northwest Hops (Simcoe?), good malt balance, slight tinge of the alcohol (8%+) comes through. Very clean finish, somewhat citrusy and dry, so the hops don’t permanently punish the palate.

Followed up with another limited release IPA, Chinook, brewed for an NSEA event, with a portion of the proceeds going to NSEA. Again, lots of hops, predominately Simcoe and of course Chinook. Lighter in color than the double, slightly more golden hue. Lots of pine notes with some herbal/citrus backbone. I think I detected some Amarillo in there, perhaps in the dry hop?

All in all Boundary Bay is producing some awesome Northwest/West Coast IPA’s! Considering that I have a PO Box in Washington, I’m pretty sure Boundary bay will be a frequent stop on my beer travels.

Heading off to the Canada Cup of Beer, will follow up with posts and reviews soon.


Andy The Beerman


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