The IPA, she is finished! (Fake French Accent)

The canning/bottling is complete and we have beer!

Had to go through a couple extra steps to get ‘er done, but well worth it. We dry hopped in the secondary, and chilled it down. When we pumped it through the plate filter, the hop sack ripped and we got a lot of hops in the filter, and we wound up clogging it. If we were to run a 2nd pass on the filter, we would have lost a great deal of the hop aroma and character. As a result, the finished product is not quite as clear as I’d hoped, but I must say, it sure tastes good!

Looks pretty good, too:

I think my favorite thing to play with at the U Brew was the auto-canner.

Sure beats hand filling 100+ bottles!

Did I mention that it tastes pretty damn good?

Final tally: OG 1.070, FG 1.015 (Target was 1.014), ABV of approximately 7.1% (target was 7.3%), on paper it came in at a whopping 95 IBU’s, lab testing would probably put it somewhere in the 80’s.

Total costs; $51.00 for hops, malts and yeast. $20 and 1 case of beer to the Ubrew for use of the facilities. We wound up with 4.5 cases, plus 5 litres in growlers. Not too bad when you figure that I would be paying in the neighborhood of $13.00 per six pack here in BC for a west coast IPA. So for the cost of a case and a half of beer, I got the equivalent of 6 cases of beer!

Now, to the drinking!

I’ll also be using some of the beer (probabaly the growlers) as a bit of a resume when I go visit some of the local breweries and brewpubs.

Now the question is ‘what do I brew next’?

I’m thinking about an Imperial Coffee Porter w/ Vanilla beans, but I’m open to suggestions.


Andy The Beerman


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