Brew Day, Part Deux

Well, today was brew day. I had forgotten how much I love making beer.

It took more effort getting the ingredients together than I am used to, but I think that the enjoyment correlates with the effort put into the project.

Nothing beats the aroma of wort coming to a boil. The sweetness and malt aromas are incredible. Oh wait, something does beat it; the smell of a fully hopped wort. The malt and the hops joining in their delicate dance, assaulting the olfactory senses, sending messages to the brain that soon, this will be beer!

The hard work is over, now the waiting begins. The yeast is pitched and the fermentation is beginning. In 3-4 days, we’ll transfer to a secondary vessel for dry hopping. Finally, it gets chilled and filtered prior to bottling or canning.

Wait, I have to wait 10 days to drink it? AAARRRRRRGH! I’ve never been a patient man.

Here are a few images of my brew day:

Oops, almost forgot to give the hairy details:

1.070 OG, target FG is 1.014, which will result in an ABV of 7.3% (Exactly what I was shooting for, yeah!)

95.5 IBU’s coming from 6 different hop additions during the 90 minute boil. Will be dry hopping with a blend of 4 hops to further accentuate the flavors of the hops used in the boil.

SRM is around 11, my original goal was to be closer to 9. I think that comes from having to convert to extract/partial mash from my original all grain recipe.

I’ll keep you posted throughout the process.


Andy the Beerman