Brew Day

While I haven’t put together my post about the lack of aggressive super hoppy West Coast style IPA’s here in Canada, I was driven to brew my own. After sampling as many IPA’s and Double IPA’s as I could find, I was still left craving that citrusy, piney hop bomb exploding on my palate.

I was craving Pliny the Elder from Russian River, Sculpin or Doradao from Ballast Point, Ruination from Stone…something, anything to fulfill my lustful craving for high doses of lupulin.

Like an idiot, I decided to leave my homebrew equipment back in California. I figured since I hadn’t been brewing much lately, with all of the amazing beers at my disposal, I’d just store it and enjoy what BC had to offer. My bad, eh?

Several times a week, I would drive by one of those BOP (Brew on Premise), U Brew It, type places. Finally I had to stop in. I told them what I wanted to make and they looked at me like I had a D**K growing out of my forehead.

“We don’t have any recipes for that, hell, we wouldn’t even know where to begin”

That’s where experience and ingenuity come in handy. No problem, says I. A couple of calls, a few emails, and Voila! I have the base recipe for the Green Flash West Coast IPA.* This is an amazing beer, if you haven’t had the opportunity to try it. 7.3% ABV, golden amber hue, and a 95 IBU floral, citrus hop aroma and flavor that’ll knock your socks off.

*Special thanks to the gang at The Brewing Network for getting Chuck to divulge his secrets, and especially to brewer Chuck Silva at Green Flash for steering me in the right direction.

That, believe it or not, was the easy part. It seems that none of these U brew joints do all grain brewing, it’s all extracts or partial mash.* So what do I do with my all grain recipe? Beersmith! With Beersmith I was able to convert the recipe fairly easily to a partial mash batch. Now, to find hops. Of course the varieties in my IPA are not your garden variety hops, and the U Brew was again at a loss. Luckily, Dan’s Homebrew here in Vancouver had everything I needed to put it all together.

*Of course, after I had contracted for the batch, I found a place in Surrey that does all grain. Next time

Brew day is tomorrow. The guys at the BOP are nervous, never having tackled something like this before. When people come in off the street to brew a beer at these places, 9 out of 10 times they want to replicate a boring, commercially available beer. It goes back to what I said in my first post; Canadians, for the most part, drink crappy beer. Much like Americans in that regard, eh?

I’ll keep you posted on how it turns out.

Bottom line, I guess, is this; If you can’t find a commercial beer that you love, make it yourself.


One thought on “Brew Day

  1. I moved here from the UK 5 years ago & brought as much of my home brew gear as was practical. Yes, I’d been drinking here before I moved here, I knew it was a beer wasteland!

    I’ve spent 5 years complaining and think it’s about time I put up or shut up. Heck, even my Canadian brother-in-law has started home brewing before me!

    Dan’s seems to be The Place to go to for advice and supplies. Don’t know where you went to brew but I’ve heard recommendations for
    Heck, their webpage even says “We actually kinda all love our IPA’s here and any chance we get we would steer you into trying our version of a double hopped IPA”
    (how could you go wrong?)

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